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:) Hello All!

I thought i better go first to say 'HELLO'

My name is Natalie (known as Nat). I'm the one who originally started 'Stitching Out Stigma' during a hospital admission for my own mental health issues, Anorexia Nervosa. I love crafts, alongside cross stitch i enjoy knitting (havent mastered crochet!), card craft and letter writing. I love butterflies, minnie mouse, the colour red, cath kidston designs and am a self confused shoe a holic! I live in Cardiff, South Wales.

Since SOS project started i have been amazed by how kindly support has been given and how many people have 'gotten on board' with the project.
I have an amazing group of friends and fabulous sister who have all really helped this project, alongside a cheeky streak which has led to contacting companies/cross stitch mags etc for support. But amazingly a lot of support has come from other sources too, which has made this even more amazing to me!

I am still struggling through my battles with mental illness, and i do believe the stigma is a huge issue which needs addressing, for anorexia and other conditions. I'd really like to see this project do, just a little bit of good, towards that need.

I started cross stitching at an early age thanks to a creative mother, and have used it in admissions to help me distract myself, be restful to restore my health and well being and to create things for people close to me (mainly cushions or cards).
I really enjoy cross stitch and find it a useful theraputic tool alongside treatments, therapies and other crafts.

Its nice for me to have a project to focus my energies into.

:) Thanks for reading - look forward to 'getting to hear' about you!

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